Peter Zinn Evaluation Speech Tips

Peter Talks about Evaluation Technique and We Listen

Evaluation technique is a skill everyone can use. At work and outside work we encounter situations that can be better. But, what can we say about it to make things better? And, how should we say it in a positive, helpful way? If you don’t already know, it really is worth your time learning how to use good evaluation technique.

So, here is a shout out to my buddy Peter Zinn, the championship speaker and presentation trainer. He is an enthousiastic and exciting speaker who generously shares his knowledge with the rest of us. And now, he’s made a short training video for members of Toastmasters International (an organization for speech and management training). But, this video is really for everyone. In it Peter shares the three most important characteristics of a good evaluation speech.

Also, check out Peter’s own training website And, by the way, Peter is also part of the Speaking Arts International team along with some other very talented trainers.