Dog is speaker's best friend when you practice your speech

You’ve planned and prepared your speech. Now it’s time to practice your speech several times in order to work out the bugs and to get comfortable with the flow before you step onto that big, important stage.  But, practicing in front of a mirror can only get you so far.  We can be distracted, over critical and discouraged with ourselves.  Who better than your adorable dog to give you the unconditional support you need when you start to practice your speech?

It’s like having your dog walk you

Even if your dog does not agree with your premise, he/she will just keep smiling at you with those deep brown eyes no matter what.  It works!  It turns out that telling your dog your story really helps you overcome your self-critisizing.  Just have some doggie treats on hand in case things get restless.

But, don’t take my word alone for it.  Check out this video from the Kogod School of Business in Washington D.C.  Woof, woof!

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Assistance in preparing your speech

Before of after you practice with your dog, let us help you. The trainers at Speaking Arts International specialize in preparing speeches to small or large groups. So, let us help you with planning and preparing your next speech. For instance, your presentation may be prepared or improvised, like during a panel discussion. We can help. We will upgrade your presentation techniques, in English or in Dutch, with or without slide projections. Call us today.