Speaking natural

Speaking should be ’au Natural’ like riding a bike

Telling a story or discussing stuff with friends over lunch is easy and even fun — it comes naturally.  So, why doesn’t speaking also in front a large group always come naturally? Maybe it’s because you have not done it very much. Speaking should be ’au Natural’ like riding a bike.

I mean, think about it, could you ride a bike the first time you got on it?  It was not so great the very first time, was it?  But, after some practice and experience riding your bike around the block a few times, nowadays you don’t even think about how to ride a bike, because now it comes naturally. It’s the same for speaking in public.


Soon you’ll be speaking without hiding behind a lecturn, maybe even improvising as if nothing’s wrong when your slides don’t work.


So, you practice. And, the more you make presentations in front of groups, the more natural it becomes. Start with getting some help from a coach or a course. Maybe join a speakers club in your area like Toastmasters International. Before long you’ll be speaking without hiding behind a lecturn. You will need notes to read from or to memorize by heart. And, even when your slides don’t work, you might just start improvising as if there’s nothing wrong.  You could be able to deliver an entertaining and coherent speech without any notes at all.  At its best, speaking should be ’au Natural’ and totally spontaneous-sounding.

Okay, sometimes you may wobble a bit at first. You may even need to change gears sometimes going up hills. So what? Just go a bit slower, maybe to concentrate on where you’re going and not to take a wrong turn or become lost.  And that, too, is natural.