Speaking comes naturally like bike riding

Speaking comes naturally when you are telling a story or chatting with friends during a coffee break; it is fun and even easy to do.  So, why does talking become so difficult when you have to make a speech for a large group?  Maybe it’s lack of experience — because you don’t have much experience talking in front of large groups.  Do you remember when you tried riding a bike for the first time? It probably didn’t go so smoothly the first time. But, after some practice and more experience riding around town, now you don’t even think about how to ride a bike. Now, the technique of cycling just comes naturally.

The more you give presentations for groups, the more your speaking comes naturally.  You’ll be speaking comfortably and confidently — without hiding behind a lectern, without waving your hands nervously, giving an entertaining and coherent speech without notes.  Even when something goes wrong like a slide projector breaking down, you’ll start improvising as if nothing were wrong.

Even when something goes wrong like a slide projector breaking down, you’ll start improvinsing as if it doesn’t matter.

What’s the Point?

The point is to speak to an audience with the same freedom and confort as you would have speaking to your best friends. That is how speaking comes naturally. That is being yourself and that is being human. You’re not a machine linking to other machines, but a person among other people. It just takes practice and experience to get used to the different circumstances of speaking in a lecture hall or large conference room. The situation of giving a report, presentating a proposal or inspiring your fellow workers,  however, is basically the same as talking up you friends in the pub.  

Yes, I admit, even as an experienced rider or speaker, sometimes you might wobble a weave a bit. That’s only human and that’s okay. It may even be necessary to change gears sometimes. So, go a bit slower and take your time. Maybe concentrate on where you’re going so as not to take a wrong turn and get lost.  But, that is also human and that is also natural.

The trainers at Speaking Arts International would be happy to help you so that your public speaking comes naturally.  We teach classes in company and also coach individuals. Start with getting some help from a coach or a course. Maybe join a speakers club in your area like Toastmasters International

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