protest in ondergoed over passende kleding

Does it matter what clothing you wear during a presentation? When is a presenter’s outfit too sexy? I’ve heard people ask if their presentation was ‘sexy’ enough to hold the audience’s attention. However, have you thought about the outfit you plan to wear during your speech? Should it also be sexy?

Why did a student recently give her thesis presentation at Cornel University in her underwear? It was because she was protesting against her teacher’s criticism of her choice of clothing. “Does a presenter have no moral obligation to be dressed conservatively?” a fellow student then asked. Afterward the student’s question, the teacher gave a simple reply: “I don’t tell my students what to wear, nor do I decide what is appropriate for them. I ask them to think for themselves and make their own decisions.” I’m not sure morality has anything to do with it. But, I can understand how an audience might judge a presenter’s message by his or her outfit.

“Does a presenter have no
moral oblication to be dressed conservatively?”

Each speech you give has a purpose or a message. I think how you dress yourself during your speech does say something about you and your message. Of course, your choice depends on what your message is and on the expectations and culture of your audience. So, be warned. Someone listening might find the presenter’s outfit too sexy. For this reason, select your clothing carefully.

The visual impact of the presenter’s outfit is just one of many factors leading to a successful speech. To help you, the trainers and coaches at Speaking Arts International all have experience with preparing presentations for all types of formal and informal situations.