Presentation Training

Presentation Training

Great ideas call for great speakers

Whether it is about conducting a sales talk or explaining your opinion during a meeting, being good at presenting your ideas is a crucial, if not decisive, skill for achieving success in business. With our presentation training we enable ambitious companies to get the best out of their employees.
All our trainings are tailor-made. From offering anything from a brief twenty-minute introduction workshop to a comprehensive training which can last several months. Our trainers always tailor the content to the level of the participants and to the work situations that they deal with on a daily basis. This way we achieve an optimal and sustainable learning experience.

A presentation course always contains these elements:

  • Learning how to plan out, prepare and rehearse a presentation
  • Adjusting the structure of the speech to the goal of the speech
  • Making effective use of visual aids such as flipcharts and video projectors
  • Presenting with impact and touching the heart of your audience?
  • Dealing with nerves and any fear of speaking
  • Breathing techniques for relaxation and warming up the voice
  • Discover and experience the power of vocal expression

This sounds good!

Let’s hear what you’re looking for.

Are you looking for more expertise? Or do you have a specific training goal in mind?
Then add one or more of the following skills to a Presentation training:

  • Interactive presentations
  • Technical and financial presentations
  • Presenting statistics and research results
  • Pitching and presenting project proposals
  • Presenting to an international audience
  • Working with PowerPoint and/or other visual tools
  • Introducing a speaker to maximum effect
  • Coaching others to learn to speak better in public
  • Beroemde speeches analyseren en ervan leren
  • Presenting with a co-trainer or a team
  • Handling question and answer sessions
  • Correct English usage for presentations
  • Using storytelling to inspire your listeners
  • Owning a speech text that was written by someone else
Training presenteren


These customers created customized their presentation training

Ten young professionals, from different departments of PVH Europe, attended a course of one month. In weekly meetings of two hours, the theory of impactful presentation was combined with exercises. These arose directly from work situations of the participants. In the course we paid extra attention to learning motivational evalution techniques. This way, the participants can also support each other after the training.

Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein (PVH Europe)
A month-long presentations course

For the Stichting Bijzondere Tandheelkunde, Speaking Arts International provided a flexible course lasting six hours for thirty beginners and advanced speakers. On three different weekday evenings, two-hour training sessions where provided over a three-week period. Participants were free to join the evening group that best suited their agenda. This course covered the basic theory for effective presentations. There were also plenty of practical exercises for everyone.

Stichting Bijzondere Tandheelkunde
A flexible three-track, three-week presentation course

For twenty female professionals from the LeanIn Amsterdam chapter, we held an interactive workshop for an hour in the evening. We introduced them to the theory of public speaking. The focus was on how to plan and prepare a presentation. Special attention was given to speaking authentically and from the heart.

AmsterdamLeanIn woman
A one-hour workshop on Presentation Technique

Here is why a presentation training is always a good investment:


When you can present in a dynamic and effective way, you are more capable of achieving your professional goals. Besides feeling comfortable, you really enjoy speaking in public!


Who can present well, is a better seller. Being able to speak well yields money and prevents unnecessary loss.


A presentations training can also be an excellent teambuilding activity. As you build a relationship with colleagues, you also develop useful speaking skills.


Anyone who feels comfortable as a speaker spares her or himself unnecessary stress, time and energy. With a relaxed attitude and sufficient presentation skills, you are always prepared for unexpected situations and last-minute program changes.


If presenting is a recurring part of your work, a Presenting training offers the opportunity to lay the foundation for an in company support group. In such a group, colleagues can continue evaluating and supporting each other to become better speakers after the training has finished.

Customer experience

Bill is a very knowledgeable and experienced communications trainer. Full of energy and with infectious enthusiasm he can inspire you and show you how to improve your communication skills.

by Willy Cortus, CCA Data Research Executive / Education Officer

Practical Considerations

The price of a presentation course includes of a fixed fee for materials and an hourly rate for the trainer or trainers based on the duration of the program and the number of participants. Trainings can be held in in company of elsewhere locally or abroad.
We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.