Effective Presentation Training en uw hersenneuronen

What a waste of time and money! Within a month we lose around 90% of a new skill that we have learned. This is known as the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve. So, you might waste a lot of energy learning a new skill when ultimately you will forget most of the lesson material you were taught. So, what is the best format for effective presentation training? For the training at Speaking Arts International we use a learning method that spreads your learning process over several weeks. That is better than trying to learn everything in just one intense day.

What is Effective Presentation Training?

A person can only learn so much in one day. So it’s much better to take just an hour or two to learn some one valuable thing and practice just that for a while. A week later, after you have had time to consolidate what you have learned, you can build on it in the next lesson. In this way you learn and remember your new skill. We call this ‘follow-through learning’ and it can even include a follow-up session a month after the last lesson.

How to Stay in Shape

We also encourage students to use their new skills regularly with each other, so that they stay fresh and ready for use when needed. A practical way to do this is to set up a speakers club with your colleagues at work. Meet up for lunch or coffee once a month to practice together. It is similar to building your muscles in the gym. After all that work getting your muscles strong, you keep training regularly to keep them in shape, don’t you? It would be a waste otherwise. Your speaking skills are like a muscle that you need to keep in shape. If you wish, we can set up and even manage this speakers club for you.

Forgetting things is only human. And, after all, you are only human. Also, It is only human to want to do better. Therefore you choose an effective presentation training instead of the usual one-day offering. Contact us today.