Company Training

Company Training

Soft skills make all the difference

As a company or as an organization you are constantly in transition. Constant changes in your industry are normal. Your company grows and expands internationally. Or there is a reorganization that significantly changes the composition of your working teams.

All of these developments require a lot from your employees. With the practical company trainings of Speaking Arts International you keep your staff resilient and motivated. Investing in soft skills makes  staff more useful. Especially in this time of rapid technological advances, not forgetting how to take a personal and creative approach becomes more important. Learning new skills with colleagues is also an ideal teambuilding activity.

We provide the following training courses:

  • Time management
  • Teamwork & teambuilding
  • Negotiating Skills
  • The use of English in different functional areas
  • Cross-cultural training
  • Sales
  • Presenting new products and USP’s
  • Embracing a company’s mission
  • Budgeting
  • Short-term and strategic planning
  • Planning and Leading meetings
  • Parliamentary procedures
  • Facilitation skills
  • Train the trainer
  • Feedback / evaluation training
  • Leading and participating in job interviews
Bedrijfstrainingen, teambuilding en tijdsmanagement

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Out of our box

Do you also need an extra refreshing approach to shake things up?
These are examples of parts that we can add to a training. They can also be booked separately.


Tai Chi

Better speaking through tai chi breathing and movement exercises? Certainly! When practicing tai chi, you focus fully on performing slow and smooth movements to the rhythm of your breath. This combination has a stress-reducing effect on the body and mind. Speaking from such a relaxed state of mind makes a world of difference.


Exploring with Character Masks

Training with character masks such as commedia dell’arte, you can learn to understand nonverbal behavior in an easy and humorous way. During a training course, we develop short scenes that are based on the situations and experience of the participants. You will learn skills such as improvising, stepping out of your comfort zone and daring to be yourself.


Pubquiz teambuilding

An old-fashioned game evening in a new form. Under the guidance of a quizmaster from Speaking Arts International, colleagues work together in a team. They answer questions about the company where they work and the services and products they deal with on a daily basis.


Speaking Arts International was hired to enliven the EMEA conference of sales employees. During the two-day conference, Bill Monsour spoke to the participants. The focus was on emphasizing the joint mission and strengthening the team spirit. In addition, Bill assisted the other speakers at the conference and gave them tips and advice to get the most out of their presentation.

Oberthur Technologies
Consulting for an all-company conference

Eight Heineken professionals followed a two-day presentation course. On day 1, the basic skills of presentation were discussed with extra attention to the correct use of American English. On day 2, lessons in intercultural awareness and a character mask game training were on the program. A follow-up session of half a day followed a month later.

A 2-day presentation course with character masks

Twenty Fortis professionals (now ABN AMRO) immersed themselves for two days in the world of negotiation strategies. In a training given in American English, they became acquainted with five different styles of negotiation. They learned to recognize their own style and experimented with styles that were less comfortable for them. Theory was linked to role play, in which participants learned to successfully negotiate individually as well as in a team.

Fortis Bank
Negotiating training course of 2 days

Customer experience

Bill acted as an inspirational speaker at the European conference for mystery shopping professionals that I organized in Istanbul. I was immediately impressed by his charm, creativity and sincere way of speaking. Bill was very professional both during the preparations and at the conference itself. Being a very experienced speaker, he was thoughtful to share some tips with me, contributing to the overall success of the event.’

by Cristiani Cruz de Oliveira, Mystery Shopping Director at Intercampus

Practical Consideration

All our offers are custom made. We offer training from one hour to training programs which last a few months. Our trainers always tailor the content to the level of the participants and the work situations they deal with on a daily basis.
The training takes place on in-company, at a training location in the region or abroad. The price of a training includes of a fixed fee for materials and an hourly rate for the trainer(s) based on the duration of the program and the number of participants. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities.