Coaching & Consulting

Coaching & Consulting

Speaking with ease in public

Do you get cold hands when you think of the presentation that you have to give soon? Are you ready for a new step in your career, but are you lacking sufficient skills to speak in public? Or do you and your team face an important presentation of your project?
We consult on individual projects or we can create a personalized training so that you and your team members will be relaxed and self-confident with your group presentation. Are you still suffering from speaking anxiety? No worries. After our guidance you will even look forward to speaking in public!

Coaching or consulting can help you in the following situations?

  • You have received a promotion. Suddenly you have to chair meetings and/or hold presentations for the senior management team.
  • You will soon have an important presentation and need extra help with the correct use of American English.
  • The company you work for is in the race for a big contract. To win the contract, you and your team must give a decisive presentation.
  • As a senior management team you need help from outside the team to help prepare an annual meeting for all employees of the company.
  • Soon you will be the panel moderator at a conference or you will be the conference chair. You would like help with preparing yourself.
  • You have been asked to speak at a charity event, but have no idea what to say or how to say it.
  • You are faced with an important job interview and it is a job you really want.

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Customer experience

I highly recommend working with Bill! At first I wanted help to write my speech and with practicing it. But Bill persuaded me to take time first for planning our my speech before writing it. Understanding your subject is extremely important, as is thinking about the ‘how and why’ of your speech, as well as considering where the speech fits into the overall program at which you are speaking. When you think about all these factors, then the speech flows naturally from your pen and out of your mouth.’

by Angela van ’t Slot, Head of housing services, VU Medical Center


A professional, working at an international technology company, was promoted to head of the finance department. The manager had years of financial expertise, but little experience with leading a team, or presenting reports to the senior management team and the shareholders. During a two-month coaching program he received a 'crash course' in how to successfully present, report and motivate his team.

Financial expert
Private individual coaching for two months

Speaking Arts International assisted a microfinance consultant for one year. The man had a lot of expertise and experience in his field. Precisely because of this he did not always know which stories he could best use during his international appearances as a panelist and keynote speaker. Through our coaching, he learned which stories would have the most impact on an particular audience. He also learned to really keep the audience interested. The man overcame his fear of speaking and now enjoys speaking with self-confidence.

Microfinance consultant
Individual coaching for one year

Johnson Diversey was in the race to get a big contract with Starbucks UK to provide housekeeping services for all their UK stores. Competing against two other major bidders, everything depended on a presentation of an hour for the senior executives of Starbucks in London. In three sessions, Speaking Arts International helped Johnson Diversey's team identify the three key selling points, prepare and practice a convincing presentation. Their presentation was judged as the best by the Starbucks executives.

Johnson Diversey
Consulting for a presentation to win a contract

Customer experience

Bill has an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience, and has an boundless need to share this treasure and offer practical tools to others. With Bill’s help, I have become a better communicator, leader, speaker and trainer.’

by Sebastiaan Herkemij, Career coach / trainer at SWA HR Services, public speaker and author

Practical Considerations

Individual coaching or consulting can be held in Amsterdam, in Utrecht, or at other suitable locations of choice, as well as online. A coaching program takes on average 6 to 8 sessions, with one coaching session scheduled each week. Prices depend on the number of participants and the duration of the consultation. We provide tailor-made solutions and are happy to discuss the possibilities in a no-obligation introductory meeting.