Authentic Human Communication vs. AI Deception: The Battle Begins

It's a battle between humans and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Who cares about authentic human communication anymore?

Our TEDx Speaking Tips for Success

All these speakers learned important TEDx Speaking Tips to use for all of their presentations in the future.

Improving Your Speaking Skills with Compassionate Feedback: Get as Good as You Give

I like to correct other people’s mistakes, don’t you? It feels good to feel useful helping others and maybe just a little bit proud of how clever we are. But what do you do when the roles are reversed and…

A powerful five-step communication method to have successful speeches with people who disagree with you

It is never easy to change someone's mind about important and emotionally charged topics. It takes skill, patience and tolerance. Your audience or discussion partner may at first disagree with you completely. But you achieve nothing if you don't dare…

Practice Your Speech First with a Furry Friend

Even if your dog does not agree with your premise, he/she will just keep smiling at you with those deep brown eyes no matter what. It works! It turns out that telling your dog your story really helps you overcome…