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All our trainings are tailor-made. From offering anything from a brief twenty-minute introduction workshop to a comprehensive training which can last several months. Our trainers always tailor the content to the level of the participants and to the work situations that they deal with on a daily basis. This way we achieve an optimal and sustainable learning experience.

Presentation Training

PVH presentatietraining case

Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein (PVH Europe)
One-month Presentation Course

Ten young professionals, from different departments of PVH Europe, attended a course lasting one month. In weekly meetings of two hours, the theory of effective presentations was combined with exercises. Exercises were taken from the participant’s own work situation. There was extra attention given to supportive and motivational evaluation techniques. So, with these tools, the participants were able to continue supporting each other after the course was over.

SBT presentatietraining case

Foundation for Special Dentistry (SBT)
A flexible three-track, three-week presentation course

For the Stichting Bijzondere Tandheelkunde, Speaking Arts International provided a flexible course lasting six hours for thirty beginners and advanced speakers. On three different weekday evenings, two-hour training sessions where provided over a three-week period. Participants were free to join the evening group that best suited their agenda. This course covered the basic theory for effective presentations. There were also plenty of practical exercises for everyone.

Lean in circle case

AmsterdamLeanIn woman
A one-hour workshop on Presentation Technique

For twenty female professionals from the LeanIn Amsterdam chapter, we held an interactive workshop for an hour in the evening. We introduced them to the theory of public speaking. The focus was on how to plan and prepare a presentation. Special attention was given to speaking authentically and from the heart.

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Company Training

Fortis bedrijfstraining case

Fortis Bank
Negotiating training course of 2 days

Twenty Fortis professionals (now ABN AMRO) immersed themselves for two days in the world of negotiation strategies. In a training given in American English, they became acquainted with five different styles of negotiation. They learned to recognize their own style and experimented with styles that were less comfortable for them. Theory was linked to role play, in which participants learned to successfully negotiate individually as well as in a team.

Heineken bedrijfstraining case

A 2-day presentation course with character masks

Eight Heineken professionals followed a two-day presentation course. On day 1, the basic skills of presentation were discussed with extra attention to the correct use of American English. On day 2, lessons in intercultural awareness and a character mask game training were on the program. A follow-up session of half a day followed a month later.

Oberthur bedrijfstraining case

Oberthur Technologies
Consulting for an all-company conference 

Speaking Arts International was hired to enliven the EMEA conference of sales employees. During the two-day conference, Bill Monsour spoke to the participants. The focus was on emphasizing the joint mission and strengthening the team spirit. In addition, Bill assisted the other speakers at the conference and gave them tips and advice to get the most out of their presentation.

Coaching & Consulting

Presentatie coaching case

Microfinanciering consultant
Individual coaching on retainer for one year

Speaking Arts International assisted a microfinance consultant for one year. The man had a lot of expertise and experience in his field. Precisely because of this he did not always know which stories he could best use during his international appearances as a panelist and keynote speaker. Through our coaching, he learned which stories would have the most impact on an particular audience. He also learned to really keep the audience interested. The man overcame his fear of speaking and now enjoys speaking with self-confidence.

JohnsonDiversey case

Johnson Diversey
Consulting for a presentation to win a contract

Johnson Diversey was in the race to get a big contract with Starbucks UK to provide housekeeping services for all their UK stores. Competing against two other major bidders, everything depended on a presentation of an hour for the senior executives of Starbucks in London. In three sessions, Speaking Arts International helped Johnson Diversey’s team identify the three key selling points, prepare and practice a convincing presentation. Their presentation was judged as the best by the Starbucks executives.

Presentatie consulting case

Financial expert
Private individual coaching for two months

A professional, working at an international technology company, was promoted to head of the finance department. The manager had years of financial expertise, but little experience with leading a team, or presenting reports to the senior management team and the shareholders. During a two-month coaching program he received a ‘crash course’ in how to successfully present, report and motivate his team.