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Be yourself and touch the heart of your audience

Since 2002, Speaking Arts International has inspired and supported enthusiastic professionals to develop into better speakers and leaders. We are happy to share our expertise and passion for presenting, personal leadership, negotiating and sales through training, coaching and consulting.

From researchers and dentists to consultants and CEOs, we believe that every professional benefits from learning to speak and present better. That starts with learning the basic skills. And, by mastering these skills, they will be more successful in their work.

Personal Leadership

It’s good to speak with humor and charisma. And if you know how to apply variation in your voice and body language, you will be able to communicate more effectively and effectively. Convincing and inspiring others becomes almost effortless. Authentic speech is the basis for personal leadership. It leads to business and personal success. And, it’s enjoyable too!

Bill Monsour

Director Speaking Arts International/ lead trainer

Assisting ambitious professionals to become more creative and better communicators and leaders. That is what gives Bill Monsour the most satisfaction. His love of communication took shape and focus when he studied drama at the Stella Adler Academy in New York. Through acting he discovered how colorful and powerful the human instrument can be and how important it is for everyone to be themselves and feel comfortable expressing their ideas. These skills form the foundation of personal leadership for Bill and he passes this knowledge on to others with his passion and infectious enthusiasm.

World trainer

After completing his studies in New York, Bill obtained his Bachelor’s in Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco. In the following years he worked as a consultant and trainer at leading international companies in the United States, Thailand and Japan. In 2002 he founded Speaking Arts International.

Bill is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who knows how to captivate his audience from beginning to the end. He is people-oriented and compassionate, and possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience about presenting, teambuilding, marketing and sales.

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Infectious enthusiasm

Bill is a very knowledgeable and experienced communication trainer. Full of energy and infectious enthusiasm, he can inspire you and show you how to improve your communication skills. I highly recommend Bill as a speaker, trainer and motivator, even as a singer.

by Willy Cortus, CCA Data Research Executive/Education Officer at ICCA Head Office

It’s a teams’ world

Meet the trainers from Speaking Arts International

Andy Baker

Andy Baker


Andy Baker is an author, speaker, teacher and trainer. He gives classes and workshops in schools and at the corporate level for diverse organizations. He has also written extensively for magazines, journals and online publications. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas as well as an MPS in Art Therapy and Creativity Development from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, and an MBA from Baruch College/ Mt. Sinai University in New York City.


Tara Phillips


Tara Phillips is an accredited coach & trainer with 14 years public speaking experience.  With a career that includes Human Resources, PR & Marketing and life coaching, communication is the backbone of everything she does.  Clients include the management teams of Heineken Global Marketing, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bahn & Bosch. CEO’s of the Schiphol Group, Geant and WeTransfer. She’s worked at major European TEDx events, including Amsterdam, Berlin and Switzerland.

Peter Zinn

Peter Zinn


Peter Zinn is a trainer, speaker and cyber expert. With both a degree in computer science and a background in theatre and improve, he knows how to combine content and form into an unforgettable mix. Peter became European champion of public speaking in 2009. Since 2010 he has given training and coaching in speaking skills in no fewer than 29 different countries. He is an energetic and clear speaker who always leaves his audience with food for thought.

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